Try First & Pay Later for Minimum Order of €60

Try First & Pay Later for Minimum Order of €60

Indulge in a worry-free shopping experience with's “Try First & Pay Later” option, available for a minimum order of €60. Explore the latest fashion trends, home decor, and lifestyle products at and enjoy the convenience of trying before committing to payment.

The “Try First & Pay Later” feature at is designed to enhance customer satisfaction by providing flexibility and assurance in every purchase. This option allows you to order a minimum of €60 worth of products, have them delivered to your doorstep, and try them at your own pace before deciding to complete the payment.

Navigating the website offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. As you browse through the extensive range of fashion items, home decor, and lifestyle products, you can select the items you desire, ensuring that your order meets the minimum €60 requirement to qualify for the “Try First & Pay Later” option.

Once your order is delivered, take your time to try on the clothing, assess the home decor pieces, and experience the products firsthand. The “Try First & Pay Later” option empowers you to make informed decisions about your purchases, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the items before finalizing the transaction.

The flexibility to try before paying is not only convenient but also reflects's commitment to providing a customer-centric shopping experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their shopping, allowing them to make confident choices without the immediate commitment of payment.

In conclusion, embrace the Try First & Pay Later option on for orders over €60, and make every shopping experience a delightful and stress-free affair. Visit to explore the latest collections and take advantage of this customer-friendly feature that combines convenience with style and elegance.

Oliver Nelson

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