Buy Now & Pay Later

Buy Now & Pay Later

Allbirds is introducing a convenient and flexible shopping experience with the “Buy Now & Pay Later” option, allowing customers to enjoy their sustainable and comfortable products while spreading payments over time. This initiative aims to enhance affordability and accessibility, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of Allbirds' eco-friendly footwear and apparel without immediate financial strain.

The “Buy Now & Pay Later” option is designed to provide customers with the freedom to make purchases at and choose a payment plan that suits their preferences. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for those who may want to invest in high-quality, sustainable products but prefer to manage payments in installments.

To take advantage of this convenient option, simply visit the Allbirds website, select your desired items, and choose the “Buy Now & Pay Later” option during the checkout process. This seamless process allows you to enjoy the comfort, style, and sustainability of Allbirds without the need for full upfront payment.

Allbirds, recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices and unparalleled comfort, extends this dedication to the shopping experience. The “Buy Now & Pay Later” option is a testament to Allbirds' mission to make eco-friendly products accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that financial considerations don't hinder anyone from experiencing the joy of Allbirds.

Embrace sustainable comfort on your terms with Allbirds' “Buy Now & Pay Later” option. Visit today and discover how this initiative makes it easier than ever to incorporate eco-friendly footwear and apparel into your lifestyle.

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